Update for the New Year

It’s been an eventful year. After making our Kickstarter goal in July, we began principal photography on the film just a little over a week later, and it’s been non-stop action since then. Our wonderful cast and crew all brought their A-game and, during the 18 days we were in production, elevated our little movie even beyond what we had hoped for. It’s looking so freakin’ great, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

After wrapping principal photography, I took a day off to sleep. Then I started editing.

It’s a strange experience; production takes a village, but post-production takes a hermit. I had thirty or more great collaborators as we were shooting, but since then, it’s pretty much been me and the computer. But I’m happy to announce that we’re within sight of a finished movie!

I’ve been sharing it with a few trusted friends and advisors, getting feedback, tweaking the final cut. I’m really excited about how it has turned out. Now we’ve just got a few more things left (sound mix, final image grade) before we’ll be ready to show it to you!

Thanks again for all your support. We’ll be in touch soon with more updates!

Sent off to Sundance!

Thane2_t1200We completed a rough cut of the film just in time to submit for consideration for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and we’ve sent it off! Well, actually, just in time isn’t quite accurate – if you want to find out more about our saga of getting our cut sent off, check out this great article from KPBS’s Beth Accomando. She tells the whole story.

In any case, we are now one of ten thousand or so films waiting to be watched by their screeners, so it’s all in their hands now!