Supernatural Shakespearean Neo-Noir :: The first feature film from writer / director Jesse Keller.

A backstage romance leads a pair of actors down a dark path, as they discover their lives beginning to mirror the story of Shakespeare’s bloodiest play.


Down-on-his-luck actor JAMES has a small role in a funky little theatre’s production of Macbeth. The only bright spot is a budding romance with JEN, the gorgeous young actress who plays Lady Macbeth. Unfortunately, she’s also married to DUKE – rich, pompous, owner of the theatre, and lead actor in the play.

Together, James and Jen hatch a plan to murder her husband – and take his fortune and his theatre. However, after bizarre encounters with the actress who play the THREE WITCHES (who appear to actually be witches off stage as well as on), and as James’s best friend DREW begins to get suspicious
, James and Jen realize their lives are beginning to parallel the story of Macbeth, where “blood will have blood.” But try as they might, they can’t seem to break out of a story that’s hurtling towards an inevitable, tragic conclusion…

Thane of East County springs from writer / director Jesse Keller’s love of Shakespeare, and his experiences scraping by and doing plays in funky little theatres like the one in the film. The cast is made up mostly of local actors from San Diego’s vibrant live theatre community – people who, like the characters they play, have day jobs to make ends meet, but give their nights and weekends over to a love of the Bard.